Rock Rescue For Climbers

Rock Rescue for Climbers

Locations: Bear Valley, Alabama Hills, Lover’s Leap

1 Days / 6-8 hours / Cost: $225.00 -2 climbers minimum
1 Days / 6-8 hours / Cost: $375.00 -private 1:1 climber
Includes: Helmet, Harness, Rock Shoes, All Technical Equipment

Rock RescueOur  Rock Rescue for Climbers is a critically important course for anyone who climbs outdoors.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginning rock climber or a seasoned veteran, accidents can happen to anyone in the mountains.  What’s worse is Search and Rescue could be hours or even days away.  What’s important to build the Rock Rescue skills necessary to take care of yourself and your climbing partner in the event of an emergency.

Our founding philosophy for our Rock Rescue for Climbers course is that to be prepared you to have to learn from someone with real-life experience. There is only so much you can learn from a book or Youtube.   Our guides/instructors for these Rock Rescue Clinics are all seasoned mountain guides all of whom have worked in big mountain terrain.  They are all highly trained and experienced in rescuing themselves, their clients and other climbers from difficult situations.

The goal for our Rock Rescue for Climbers course is to teach climbers the necessary skills to get themselves or their partners off a climb in the event of an accident or incident. You must be able to do so with only the gear you typically carry with you while climbing and how to best use that equipment to it’s the best advantage.

Topics covered in this course include:

Proper Equipment Usage

Belay Escapes

Emergency Lowers

Tandem Rappelling

Ascending Methods

Specialized Rescue Knots and Hitches

Departure City: Varies
Group Size: Limited to 8 clients with 2 guides
Minimum Group Size: 2
Guide to Client Ratio: 1:4
Experience Level: Anyone in good physical condition who has climbing experience.  Guests should be able to tie the bowline, clove, and munter hitches upon arrival
Includes: Helmet, Harness, Rock Shoes, All Technical Equipment