Temple Crag 12,982 ft.

Temple Crag 12,982 ft.

Venusian Blind III 5.7, Moon Goddess Arete III 5.8, Sun Ribbon Arete IV 5.9

3 days/ 2 nights
  $1,125.00 per person  with 2 Climbers
Cost:  $1,425.00  per person with 1 Climber
2 days/ 1 night
Cost:  $750.00 per person  with 2 Climbers
Cost:  $950.00  per person with 1 Climber

Temple CragTemple Crag may have one of the best collections of alpine rock climbing routes of any mountain on the Eastern Sierra.  This mountain is a stunning and massive rock formation located just inside the John Muir Wilderness.  A series of huge towering aretes connect onto a broad summit.  Jagged rock spires along these aretes are reminiscent of gothic cathedrals for this aptly named mountain.  The peak lays just past Third Lake in the North Palisades Basin. This massive granite formation towers over the approach trail to the North Palisade group.  While many heads past the lower in elevation Temple Crag towards, the higher peaks of the Palisades, Temple Crag is a worthy destination in its own right.

Venusian Blind III 5.7

The shortest and most straightforward of the Temple Crag Aretes.  This 5.7 route is true alpine rock climbing.  Stretches for pure, clean rock are broken by loose boulders and 4th class scrambling.  Cruxes are short and easy, but the collective climb makes a worthwhile objective.

Moon Goddess III 5.8

The Moon Goddess Arete listed in guidebooks as a 15 pitch rock climb it is rarely done as such.  It shares the starting zone with Venusian Blind and from there breaks up and right on a broad ridge for a multi-pitch of fun climbing.  The route gains the “First Tower” and the “Ibrium Tower” where the route gives multiple climbing options between 5.6 and 5.9. (5.8 is the standard route) Much like the other routes on Temple Crag the top of Moon Goddess gives way to broken fourth class climbing with short cruxes up to 5.7.   Despite the length of the route, a guided climb of the Moon Goddess Arete can move reasonably fast.  It’s imperative that climbers be in excellent shape and have some outdoor rock climbing experience

Sun Ribbon Arete IV 5.10a

The longest and most challenging of the three main arete climbs on Temple Crag.  The cleanest and most challenging climbing in the first 1,000 ft the upper portions of this rock arete broken by a series of towers that require multiple down climbs or rappels.  This route offers the unique alpine challenge. The marquee technical crux comes at the top of the 6th pitch where a Tyrolean traverse often implemented by lassoing a horn in-between two pinnacles. For the safety of both the guides and climbers, we may ask persons who have not climbed with California Rock Guides or SWS Mountain Guides before may be invited to participate in a Pre-Climb Clinic to assess and review skills.

Departure: Bishop, California
Group Size: Limited to 2 clients
Guide to Client Ratio: 1:2
Experience Level: Solid rock climbing skills, ability to follow 5.7 to 5.10a  depending on the route, knowledge of basic climbing knots, belays, and good physical conditioning.
Best Season: Temple Crag best climbed in July 1st to Oct. 1st
Pre-Climb Rock Clinic: Available one day before the climb – $175.00 per person