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Lover's Leap


Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing & Courses

1 day / Cost: $675.00 Fixed Price for up to 2 climbers.  Price is the same for you, or you and a friend.  Climbs are always private and tailored to you and your climbing partner.

Few places in the climbing world are as well-known and esteemed for their climbing as Lover’s Leap. This towering granite monolith stands at an impressive 500 feet, overlooking the scenic Highway 50 Corridor, just a short 20-minute drive from Lake Tahoe and little over an hour and a half from Sacramento. For decades, it has served as the training grounds for California’s finest climbers and has become a rite of passage for climbers from around the globe. Lover’s Leap is a haven for beginner climbers, boasting over 250 rock climbing routes, with the majority being of exceptional quality and suitable for those at the beginner to intermediate skill levels. With its convenient access points and abundance of top-notch climbs, Lover’s Leap is an unrivaled destination for those seeking the thrill of multi-pitch rock climbing.

We offer private rock climbing at Lover’s Leap for most of the year. However, spring and fall are typically the best times to climb.  The nature of the climbing in the area limits us to a maximum of 4 guests and two guides for a group.

You can find out more information about each of these by clicking on their respective links or contacting our offices.  Call or email us at 888-797-6867;

Remember, if you can’t find a date that works for you, reach out.  We may be able to put something together on your preferred date.

Some of The Classic Lover’s Leap Rock Climbs:

  • Knapsack Crack 5.5

  • Bear’s Reach 5.7

  • Corrugation Corner 5.7

  • East Cracks 5.8

  • The Line 5.9

  • Traveler’s Buttress 5.9

  • Hospital Corner 5.10a