Lover’s Leap Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing

Lover's Leap


Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing & Courses

1 day / Cost: $475.00 / per person with 1 Climber
1 day / Cost: $275.00 / per person with 2 Climbers

There are few locations in the climbing world as famous and renown for it’s climbing than Lover’s Leap.  This 500-foot tall granite monolith towers over the Highway 50 Corridor just 20 Minutes from Lake Tahoe and just over an hour and a half from Sacramento.  For decades its been the training grounds for California’s greatest climbers and has become a rite of passage for climbers from all over the world Lover’s Leap Is The Perfect Location For Beginning Climbers. Lover’s Leap and the surrounding areas offer over 250 rock climbing routes; most of which is a high-quality beginner to intermediate rock climbs.  With short approaches and a high concentration of quality climbs make Lover’s Leap a primer location for people looking for multi-pitch rock climbing.

In addition to private guided climbing trips of the courses that we offer at Lovers Leap include:

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Learning to Lead

Gym to Crag – Intermediate Rock Course

Self Rescue For Rock Climbers

California Rock Guides offers private guided rock climbing at Lover’s Leap for most of the year. However, spring and fall are the best times to climb.  The nature of the climbing in the area most trips are limited to a maximum of 4 guests and two guides.  

You can’t You can find out more information about each of these by clicking on their respective links or contacting our offices.  Talk to Tim at 888-797-6867 or

Remember, if you can’t find a date that works for you or you prefer a smaller group setting all of our courses and clinics can be run as Private Clinic at the same price for a group of 2 or more.

Some of The Classic Lover’s Leap Rock Climbs:

  • Knapsack Crack 5.5
  • Bear’s Reach 5.7
  • Corrugation Corner 5.7
  • East Cracks 5.8
  • The Line 5.9
  • Traveler’s Buttress 5.9
  • Hospital Corner 5.10a