Private Rock Guiding

Private & Group Custom Climbs & Courses

Private Guiding, Group Climbs, Military Training, Boy Scout Groups, Fund Raising Climbs, Girl Scouts, Corporate Team Building with 40 Years of Experience and access to the best venues in California.
You can take your very own personal SWS Mountain Guides experience with you on your customized mountaineering climb, trek, or adventure to any place in the world. We have 40 years of experience arranging private guided climbs, courses, clinics and expeditions for all types of organizations . SWS has arranged Military Training,  Corporate team building, group climbs, guided ascents, rock or ice climbing, ski/ snowboard tours or lessons, international expeditions or adventure travel for just you or you and a group of your family and friends! Our private guides, military training, group climbs are easily matched to your group’s needs, goals, and desires.

More California Rock Guides Experience

We hold commercial permits in many of California’s best climbing locations Mt. Whitney to Mt. Shasta with access to several other favorite venues along the way. We also have more than 28 years experience conducting international expeditions, treks, and adventures from Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Machu Picchu, African Safari, Nepal Expeditions, Everest Treks, Morocco, Russian Adventures and More!

SWS Mountain Guides also has extensive experience with organizing trips for all types of group organizations including: Private School Groups, Summer Camps, Adventure Medical Groups, United States National Guard, Corporate Clients, United States Marines, United States Army Reserve, United States Forest Service, California Department of Wildlife, Fund Raising Organizations, as well as Private Individuals and Groups on all levels.A.X.E. – Adaptive eXtreme Expeditions

SWS is proud of our long history of helping everyone we can to achieve their goals.  Includes assisting adaptive climbers to find their way to the top.  Adaptive climbers might consist of blind, amputee, or climbers with T.B.I. or other special considerations.  For almost a decade we have been helping climbers with these, and other challenges reach their summit.

SWS has developed its own internal adaptive training system to prepare guides to work with a climber with special needs.   Our training based on work done thru the PSIA, AASI, and other professional programs that we have been able to apply to mountain guiding.  We have spent the last three decades refining our programs for the best success possible.

If you or someone you know wants to climb and requires an adaptive guide, please call our office – 888.797.6867 – and discuss with Tim, JB or Neil to find how we can help you.

Contact us for a Quote or Custom Reservation Request:

We have four decades of experience working with military, veterans, state,  and corporate groups as well as private climbers, skiers, or hikers who wish to put together that special trip, the course of instruction, or expedition you have been dreaming about. You only need a group of three or four to schedule a course with your private guide priced at our regular prices. Private instruction and guiding with one or two requires a custom price quote. Contact Tim, David, or “JB” for a personalized quote for your group. Just give us a call at 888.797.6867 or request a quote below. 

Custom Rock
Climbing Prices

  •  Full Day Rock Climbing ( 6-8 hrs):
    Examples:  Guided Rock Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing, Guided Alpine Rock Climbs. Begin to Advanced Rock Courses.
    Available: May – October
    Locations: Bear Valley, Lover’s Leap,
    Castle Crags, Alabama Hills, Eastern Sierra Nevada/ California
    Duration: 1 Day
    Private 1:1 or 1:2 $675.00 Fixed Cost (6-8 hrs.)
    Private 1:1 or 1:2 $775.00 Fixed Cost (8-10  hrs.)
    Private 1:1 or 1:2 $875.00 Fixed Cost (10-12 hrs.)
    Private 1:1 or 1:2  ( 12 + hrs) Call for quote. 
    Private 1:3 $225.00 per person (Bear Valley & Alabama Hills only)
    Private Groups of 3 or more, call for a quote
  • Half Day Rock Climbing  ( 4 hrs):
    Guided Rock Climbing,  coaching, instruction
    Available: May – October
    Locations: Bear Valley, Alabama Hills,/ California
    Duration: 1/2 Day
    Private 1:1 $245.00 per person
    Private 1:2 $175.00 per person
    Private 1:3 $150.00 per person
    Private 1:4  $125.00 per person
  • Private Groups of 5 or more, call for a quote
  • Alpine Rock Climbing Extreme Day (8+ hrs):
    Give us a call: 888.797.6867 for a quote
  • Private Rock Climbing Overnight Rates:
    Custom / Private Dates
    May – October
    2 or More Day / Overnight
    Mt. Whitney Summit Climbs / East Buttress
    Palisade Traverse, Sierra Nevada
    Mt Sill, Charlotte Dome, Thunderbolt Peak
    Private 1:1 $850.00 per day
    Private 1:2 $725.00 per person per day
    Call for groups of 3 or more
    Give us a call: 888.797.6867 for a group quote