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California Rock Guides

is the sister company of SWS Mountain Guides, designed to give you the best of rock in California. Although the name may seem new (established in 2013), we have been around since 1981 and are one of the oldest rock guiding companies in California with rock venues from Southern-Sierra Nevada to Mount Shasta. We bring a depth and variety of experience that few can match. California Rock Guides™ is grounded on the principle of providing a high-quality rock guide service throughout California. Click on the photo below for more information.
Introduction to Rock Climbing BV

Rock Climbing - Bear Valley, CA.

Lover's Leap Mulit-Pitch

Lover's Leap Mulit-Pitch Rock Climbing

Alabama Hills Learning to Lead

Alabama Hill Recreation Area, Lone Pine, CA

Crystal Crag Climbing

Alpine Rock Courses - Sierra Nevada

Castle Crags Cosmic Wall

Castle Crags, Cosmic Wall - Mt Shasta, CA.

Sierra Alpine Climbing

Alpine Rock 1-Day Climbs - Sierra Nevada